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Experience You Can Trust: Thousands of Successful Circumcision Procedures Across Multiple Queensland Locations.

Welcome to Gentle Procedures Clinic, Queensland’s trusted Clinic providing
All Age Circumcision; No-Scalpel Vasectomy; Penile Frenulectomy & Dorsal Slit procedures

This procedure is also available for older children, adolescents and adults.

Our approach is faster than conventional Australian hospital methods and can offer improved cosmetic outcomes. No doctor’s referral is necessary in order to book an appointment.

We provide Vasectomy, Penile Frenulectomy, Dorsal Slit & All Age Circumcision using the latest technology in state of the art rooms, across multiple locations including Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Brisbane and Underwood.

We have short waiting periods and offer a number of sedation options.

Dr David Hunt is an experienced, dedicated circumcision doctor with over three decades of experience performing thousands of procedures. He is available 24/7 for any post operative question or concern.


At Gentle Procedures Clinic we pride ourselves in being informative and friendly to our patients. We offer: 

Gentle Procedures Clinic is Queensland’s trusted Circumcision Clinic virtually painless circumcision procedure for infants, children, teenagers & adults. Our approach is faster than conventional methods and can offer improved cosmetic outcomes. The virtually painless Pollock Technique is used for all Circumcisions. 

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Dorsal Slit PRocedure

Explanation of Vasectomy Terms used

No scalpel means there are no cuts or stitches. To close the wound we apply a medical glue via one puncture.

No Needle means we do not use a needle to administer the local anaesthesicWill it still be used? ABSOLUTELY!  The technique used is a device that uses high pressure air instead of a needle. Everything else is the same.

No artificial clips means there are no metal clips inside you.

Vasectomy in Brisbane, Spring Hill, Underwood & Toowoomba

  • A Vasectomy is a safe and effective procedure that permanently prevents pregnancy. It is a quick procedure in our multiple Queensland locations. It involves a small incision in the scrotum, through which the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles are cut and sealed.
  • The procedure takes less than 15 minutes and most men are able to return to their normal activities within a couple of days.
  • A Vasectomy can also provide peace of mind and freedom from the worry of unintended pregnancy.
  • It is hassle-free and convenient requiring only one visit to the clinic of your choice.
  • Our locations

The Pollock Technique For All Age Circumcision

Gentle Procedures Clinic is the only clinic to offer the Pollock™ Circumcision method in Queensland. The Pollock Technique™ provides a fast, painless circumcision procedure for babies, boys, teens and adults.

Our approach is faster than conventional methods and offers improved cosmetic outcomes with faster recovery times. All circumcision procedures are performed using long and short acting local anaesthetic.

We provide a quick, convenient, and comfortable experience for patients and parents 

Infant To Child Circumcision Peace of Mind

You will be relieved to know we never separate a parent from their child and we encourage you to stay with your son during the procedure. 

Teen to Adult Circumcision

For teens we recommend bringing a support person. 

More on Vasectomy

How long will I be at the doctor's surgery?

The procedure itself takes 15 minutes, but we recommend allow 30 to 45 minutes on the day as you will have a consultation before the procedure commences and we want to ensure you are safe to discharge from our care.

What do I need to do on the day?

Bring your headphones to zone out while the procedure is taking place. We recommend you wear supportive underwear and loose comfortable clothing over the top. The rest of the preparation instructions will be sent to you when you book your appointment. 

Circumcision with Gentle Procedures Clinic Queensland

This procedure is also available for older children, adolescents and adults.

Males of all ages can be circumcised under local anesthetic from our Underwood, Spring Hill, Toowoomba locations. Dr David Hunt performs all circumcisions using the Pollock Technique for infants, children, teens and adults at all Gentle Procedure Clinic locations.

No hospital visit or stay is required and our patients are circumcised in an out-patient setting. Gentle Procedures Clinic Queensland offers a painless method of circumcision using a Mogen clamp under long acting local anesthetic for all ages. 

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