Gentle Procedures Clinic is pleased to serve Queensland with virtually painless circumcision for men of all ages.

About Adult Circumcision in Brisbane

Adult circumcision is one of the procedures that generates the largest number of questions at our Queensland circumcision clinic. Men considering circumcision post adolescence understandably have many concerns about the procedure and aftercare.

This post offers some information intended to answer the more common and general inquiries from adult men about circumcision at a mature age.

Adult Circumcision Procedure

Brisbane adult circumcision clinicAt Gentle Procedures Brisbane our doctor performs adult circumcision procedures with the Pollock Technique™.

Gentle Procedures Clinic is the only authorized Australian provider of Pollock circumcision.

What is Pollock Technique™ Circumcision?

The Pollock method uses a combination of our local anaesthetic and quick surgical technique, with the Mogen Clamp and use of skin glue.

With the introduction of our skin glue closure method, we have been able to obtain an improved cosmetic outcome without the typical multiple suture track marks in the mucosa and skin seen with conventional circumcision. In addition, glue closure is relatively quick compared to traditional circumcision procedures for adult men.

The Pollock Technique™ has been successfully employed in over 60,000 circumcision procedures for babies, boys, and men.

Circumcision and Penile Frenuloplasty

Some men come to us for adult circumcision only to find that penile frenulectomy or frenuloplasty is what they may need to resolve discomfort they experience with erection.

Penile frenulectomy or frenuolplasty can be done on both circumcised and uncircumcised men. A frenulectomy is an in-office procedure that can alleviate the pain sometimes associated with a tight band of tissue between a penis’ shaft and the glans on its underside.

A tight frenulum can exist independent of whether a man has been circumcised, and it can create a tight and curved section of the penis that is susceptible to micro-trauma, causing bleeding and painful erections.

The penile frenulectomy procedure involves the removal of the restricting tissue for increased range of motion in the penis and enhanced sexual pleasure due to the end of pain with erection. The procedure (done in under 20 minutes) is performed using a long-acting local anaesthetic and generally results in instant relief after a brief recovery period of several days.

A consultation is required prior to scheduling an adult circumcision so that we can help ensure you make a fully informed decision, and so that our doctor can assess your case and confirm if circumcision is recommended.

Frequently asked questions about adult circumcision

How long does the circumcision procedure take for adults?

The circumcision procedure itself usually takes about 15 minutes once the anaesthetic has taken effect. Generally, plan to be in our office for about 45 minutes to one hour.

Does adult circumcision hurt?

We employ a highly effective local anaesthetic to ensure you are numb prior to proceeding. There may be some discomfort in the days following the procedure, but minimal pain and discomfort is expected during the circumcision.

How long does it take to recover from circumcision using The Pollock take?

The expected recovery time will be 6 weeks, however, you’ll be able to return to work after a few days or even sooner, depending on your job.

When can I go back to work after an adult circumcision?

For those with an office job, you may return in 2-3 days. For those who work physical jobs, we suggest you rest for 5-7 days.

What kind of activities can I do or not do after a circumcision?

After your first week of taking it easy, you may resume regular activities as long as you are pain-free, including sports or going to the gym. You should avoid any activity that puts pressure on the penis or scrotum for at least 3 weeks (biking etc.).  We recommend avoiding contact sports and non contact sports for around 6-8 weeks.

When can I have sex or masturbate?

You should not have sex or masturbate for 6 weeks after getting circumcised as an adult. This is to allow sufficient time for recovery.

How much pain should I expect during recovery after a circucmcision?

Most adult circumcision patients find that there is minimal pain postoperatively. Expect some mild discomfort after your procedure for a couple of days just like with any surgery, after which there may be some discomfort during the first 2 weeks with nocturnal erections, but they are generally mild and relieved with paracetamol or ibuprofen.

How long after circumcision will it hurt to have an erection?

It may hurt or you may experience some discomfort when you have an erection after a circumcision from 1 – 2 weeks. Every person is different and recovery for some may be less or more.

How much does adult circumcision cost at our Queensland clinics?

Adult circumcision cost QueenslandThe circumcision fees for an older boy or adult circumcision procedure at our Queensland clinics are based on the age of the patient.

For a pricing confirmation for an adult circumcision procedure please use the circumcision cost confirmation form.

Circumcision for Queensland Men of all ages

There are several reasons why men may choose to get circumcised at an adult age. Some require circumcision as a cure for conditions like phimosis (an overly tight foreskin) while others choose circumcision for cosmetic and personal reasons.

Whatever the reason for your choice to have a circumcision later in life, we will be pleased to consult with you and schedule a surgery at your convenience.

We are sometimes asked; “Am I too old to get circumcised?” and the answer is almost invariably “no”. Men and youth of all ages have the surgery at our Brisbane circumcision clinics. The most common age range for adult circumcision is 20 – 40 years old, but the procedure is regularly performed on a larger age range as requested for medical and personal reasons.

Our medical team is experienced at circumcising men of all ages and has performed thousands of circumcision procedures in Queensland and we pride ourselves on our customer service and aftercare.

Once you make the decision to have yourself circumcised please contact our clinic for a consultation appointment.