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How much does circumcision cost?

In this article, we take a look at the price of circumcision at our Queensland clinics for men of all ages. Read on to find the cost of circumcision at our Queensland clinics? Queensland Circumcision Costs Summary by Age Circumcision Cost for Newborns and Infants The cost for circumcising a baby 00 to 06 [...]

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Gentle Procedures Queensland Corona Virus Protection

Corona Virus Protection We at Gentle Procedures Clinic Queensland take disease prevention and infection control very seriously. As a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, our doctors, nurses and staff ensure that we follow the latest and most comprehensive infection control and disease management as per The Royal Australian College of General [...]

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What is Balanitis? Common issues, Symptoms, Treatments

Affecting 1 in 20 males, balanitis is medically defined as the swelling of the foreskin or head of the penis that usually occurs in uncircumcised patients. Although it is not considered to be a serious condition, balanitis can be painful and uncomfortable which is why the patient has to seek medical treatment at some [...]

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Phimosis Explained: What It Is And Why Every Parent Should Learn About It

What is phimosis and why should parents learn about it? In this article, we take a look at what phimosis is, what causes phimosis, symptoms and possible cures. What is phimosis? Phimosis is medically defined as a condition in which the foreskin of the penis is too tight that it can’t be pulled back [...]

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Circumcisions Clinics in Brisbane – Things To Know About Circumcisions

In this article What is circumcision? Circumcision Risk Of Developing UTI, STDs, Phimosis, Balanitis, Penile Cancer and offers some protection to sexual partners from STDs. Potential Complications Of Circumcision Principle Of Consent Healing post circumcision The Cost of circumcision Questions about circumcision and the procedure Things To Know About Circumcisions What Is Circumcision?  Circumcision can [...]

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Brisbane Circumcision Clinics – An Introductory Guide To Baby Circumcision

In this article we provide an introductory guide to circumcision for new borns and babies. What is Circumcision?   Circumcision is a common procedure for newborn boys. When boys are born they have a piece of skin that covers the end of the penis which is called the foreskin. Circumcision is the surgical removal of the [...]

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QLD Adult Circumcision Clinic

Gentle Procedures Clinic is pleased to serve Queensland with virtually painless circumcision for men of all ages. About Adult Circumcision in Brisbane Adult circumcision is one of the procedures that generates the largest number of questions at our Queensland circumcision clinic. Men considering circumcision post adolescence understandably have many concerns about the procedure and [...]

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Circumcision benefits outweigh risks: study

Sarah Wiedersehn Australian Associated Press The protection boys get from circumcision against severe infection is akin to what they get from vaccination, a leading Australian researcher claims. A systematic review of male infant circumcision, published in the World Journal of Clinical Pediatrics, has found the benefits of the procedure exceed the associated risks by [...]

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Newborn circumcision: a risk-benefit analysis revisited.

Recently a study published in the Canadian Journal of Urology in which a group of scholars including Dr. Pollock offer a different view of circumcision based upon the most recent evidence. The National Post subsequently published an article on this story which we post below for you to read at your convenience: Sharon Kirkey [...]

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