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COVID19 Warning March 2021 – Gentle Procedures Clinics Queensland Remain Open

Covid Warning - Virus Protection At Gentle Procedures Clinic Queensland take disease prevention and infection control very seriously. As a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, our doctors, nurses and staff ensure that we follow the latest and most comprehensive infection control and disease management as per The Royal Australian College of [...]

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Vasectomy as a form of birth control

Are you considering vasectomy as a form of Birth Control? Have you made your mind up and it’s time to get the snip! Has your partner in life told you it’s your responsibility to get this sorted?! Do you have beautiful children, but you don’t want anymore? Are you excited about the thought of no [...]

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How to shave your testicles before a Vasectomy

How to shave your Testicles - the ultimate step-by-step guide. male has grown in popularity over the last few years with barbers doing swift business to meet the demands of the modern male. The modern male is now almost expected to look sharp and trimmed while feeling smooth and fresh has become desired too. Male [...]

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Vasectomy Research and Planning Guide For Australian Men

Vasectomy research is an essential part of the process. Did you know that Australia is the second highest country in the world for men to have a vasectomy? The no.1 country in the world is actually our pals in NZ where reports show that a whopping 1 in 4 men over 40 are reported to [...]

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Should I use a sperm bank before a vasectomy?

“Should I use a sperm bank before a vasectomy?” This is a regular question we get asked by men considering a vasectomy .  In this article, we take a look at some questions around this subject. Can a No-Scalpel Vasectomy be reversed? In some cases it’s possible to reverse a vasectomy however a person must seriously consider [...]

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Vasectomy Facts – Vasectomy Queensland Service FAQ

Vasectomy Facts - Guides - Research - Vasectomy Service Vasectomy facts no.1 Is there any discomfort during the procedure? Before the vasectomy, you will not need any sedatives.  No-Scalpel Vasectomy is virtually painless. If you have significant anxiety light sedation is available. Afterwards, you will likely be sore for a couple of days and [...]

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Essential Vasectomy Facts and Quotes

In this article, we cover some of the key fun and essential facts about Vasectomy. It’s important to state that decisions on proceeding with this procedure should always be well researched and informed. We highly recommend always having a consultation with a Dr and allowing yourself plenty of time to weigh up the decision.  [...]

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Does a vasectomy affect virility?

Does having a vasectomy affect a man's virility? Vasectomy is the most effective and affordable method of family planning available. Surgically, it’s less complex and less expensive than a tubal ligation for a woman. Once the sterility is achieved, you and your partner will not have to worry about about unwanted pregnancy.  In this [...]

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