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We are proudly the exclusive provider of The Pollock Technique in Queensland Australia.

Are you looking for a local Queensland circumcision clinic to book a circumcision procedure for a baby boy, teenager or adult male? We operate across five locations in Queensland with plans to visit Tropical North Queensland in the near future.

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Things to know before booking a circumcision appointment at our clinic

There are a few things to know before you book a circumcision appointment. Circumcision can be carried out for a number of reasons including religious beliefs and culture, aesthetics, and medical reasons such as curing phimosis and balanitis. If you have any questions about the circumcision procedure we recommend contacting our team and reviewing the various information on our website.

Booking a circumcision appointment at one of our Queensland practices

Who can book a circumcision at Gentle Procedures Clinics Queensland? Follow the links below to our guides for circumcision for men of all ages and help guides that are available on our website.

Getting circumcised as an Adult in Queensland

Circumcision for teenage boys in Queensland

Circumcision for babies and infants

The Pollock Technique Circumcision Queensland

How long after vasectomy have sex

What to consider when choosing a circumcision.

Welcome to Gentle Procedures Clinic Queensland. We are dedicated to upholding the highest international standards of male surgical care while treating our patients with compassion, dignity, and respect.

We are proud to offer you a world-class circumcision procedure with limited wait times for an appointment.

We are leaders in the provision of circumcision in Queensland and are part of the national network of Gentle Procedures Clinics in Australia.

Circumcision Patients Guide

The Circumcision Patient Manuals offer full detail on preparing for the procedure as well as post circumcision care and follow-up. Follow the link to download a copy.

Circumcision Manual

What’s the cost of circumcision at our clinic?

You can request a circumcision appointment online for your son or yourself. Please contact our office and provide the age of the person needing the procedure and we will verify the cost. A portion of the cost of a circumcision is rebatable from Medicare.

Contact our team who can answer your circumcision questions or register online

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Circumcision Registration

Take your time to make a decision

Before going ahead with any procedures it is best to make an informed decision. Our team will be able to help answer your questions and you can always book a consultation with our doctor in advance.

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Circumcision Facts

Need more information? Read these circumcision facts

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Meet Dr David Hunt

Dr Hunt is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

Meet Dr. Hunt
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Clinic Locations

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Gentle Procedures Circumcision Clinic Locations Queensland

Monday (2nd & 3rd monthly)

Toowoomba Clinic
881-883 Ruthven Street,
Kearneys Spring QLD 4350

Monday (1st monthly)

Maroochydore Clinic
3,33 Plaza Parade
Maroochydore QLD 4558


Bowen Hills Clinic
8/7 O’Connell Terrace,
Bowen Hills QLD 4006

Friday (1st – monthly)

Toowoomba Clinic – First Friday

Friday (2nd, 3rd, 4th monthly)

Gold Coast Clinic
1B / 15-21 Lake St,
Varsity Lakes QLD 4227


Underwood Clinic
2 Springvale Circuit
Underwood QLD 4119

Sunday (2nd monthly)

Gold Coast Clinic
1B / 15-21 Lake St,
Varsity Lakes QLD 4227

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Gentle Procedures Clinic Queensland performs all consultations and procedures at our
Gold Coast, Underwood, Bowen Hills, and Toowoomba clinics.
We look forward to the opportunity being of providing our service to you and your family.