While many men are circumcised as infants, that isn’t always the case. Getting circumcised as a teen or adult is more common than you think. Getting a circumcision in your adulthood or the circumcision surgery as a teenager often sounds scary. However, teenage circumcision surgery and adult circumcision procedures can be fast and non-invasive. Here’s what to expect before and after adult and teen circumcision.

What To Consider Beforehand

Adult circumcision and circumcision for teens happen due to many reasons. Social, health, cosmetics and religion are some of the valid reasons to be circumcised. However, there might be worries about the teen and adult circumcision cost in Australia. This worry can be put to rest most of the time. Getting circumcised these days doesn’t require hospitalisation, so hospital fees aren’t applicable.

The cost of teen and adult circumcision surgery is less expensive than you might think. You can contact Gentle Procedures Clinic or others in the Queensland area to determine the cost involved. It’s important to consider what technique you want to use and find an experienced doctor. Dr Hunt is fully certified with years of experience.


While risks rarely happen using the Pollock technique, you should be aware of them. There could be some bleeding or suboptimal cosmetic result, though it’s a one in 500 chance. There’s a one in 4000 chance of infection, with serious infection only happening every one in 5000 times. A concealed penis happens one in 800 times and the narrowing of the urethra even less. There could also be trauma/partial amputation to the penis head or complications with the local anesthetic resulting in death. However, this has never happened at Gentle Procedures Clinic.

What To Expect During the Procedure

Gentle Procedures is the only clinic in Queensland using this technique. Before the procedure, your doctor will explain the risks and benefits. Then, you’ll receive an explanation of the procedure on circumcision for teenagers and adults.

Pollock Technique

The Pollock technique is performed within a few minutes. The Pollock technique uses a Mogen clamp to remove the foreskin safely.
Getting a circumcision as an adult or teen doesn’t have to be painful or uncomfortable. Local anesthesia is applied beforehand, and painkillers are given to you afterwards. Skin glue closure is used with an adult penis circumcision, ensuring it heals smoothly.

Aftercare and Recovery

Considering the actual surgery takes under 20 minutes, you can still leave the clinic on the same day as your surgery. The adult circumcision recovery time is a minimum of six weeks. The circumcision recovery time for teenagers is much the same. However, it doesn’t mean they will be bedridden during a teenager’s circumcision recovery. After circumcision, teenagers’ recovery period for activities is two to three days. They should be cautious when it comes to physical activities. However, adult and teen males can return to work or school within two days. When the circumcision is healing, adults and teens must abide by their teen and adult circumcision aftercare instructions.

Make an Informed Decision

Getting circumcised as an adult or teen is a personal decision you need to make. Teen and adult circumcision in Australia is easy and non-invasive using the Pollock technique. After circumcision surgery, adults’ recovery period is fast and easily manageable with aftercare instructions. There are little to no drawbacks to adult circumcision after the procedure. Being circumcised doesn’t negatively affect your sexual health. Adults and teens can expect better sexual health and less chance of infections. Contact Dr Hunt at Gentle Procedures for a consultation today and ensure you make an informed decision.