Is circumcision painful for babies? Do babies feel pain during circumcision? How long after circumcision will babies be in pain? These are some of the most common questions that we get asked from parents before a circumcision procedure. In this article, we take a look at how painful circumcision is for babies and related questions to help you and your son better prepare for the procedure.

Is circumcision painful for babies? Parents guide to circumcision pain and discomfort

Is circumcision painful for babies?

Is circumcision painful for babies? Circumcision is a medical procedure and there will be a recovery period which can last up to 8 weeks in some cases but the procedure itself is relatively pain free due to the technique used at Gentle Procedures Clinics Queensland. We can’t comment on the procedure carried out at other practices due to the different types of circumcision procedures offered. To reduce the pain after circumcision during the recovery period, it’s best to keep your son from moving around too much. This is one of the reasons we recommend babies are circumcised in the first few weeks.

When is the best time for babies to get circumcised?

At Gentle Procedures Clinics Queensland, we always use a local anaesthetic which is given before the procedure is carried out. The Pollock Technique for circumcision is known to be virtually painless, however, the patient may feel some discomfort which is perfectly normal. A circumcision is a medical procedure and as such, patients may experience some level of pain but on the whole, most patients barely feel the procedure.

To allow your baby’s body the best chance of a quick and pain free recovery, we highly recommend babies have the procedure in the first 12 weeks.

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Do babies cry during circumcision?

If your baby is awake during the circumcision procedure, it’s likely that he may well cry. This is not necessarily due to the pain of the procedure as many babies have been known to sleep through the process. It’s perfectly normal for babies to cry, scream and be distressed during a circumcision procedure, but with the care of their parents, they often calm down fairly quickly and will be back to normal shortly after the surgery.

How painful is circumcision for babies?

How painful is a circumcision for babies? The answer will vary from patient to patient as we’re all individuals with unique bodies and personal circumstances. The procedure itself will be relatively pain free but during the recovery stages, babies may experience some pain and discomfort which is perfectly normal.

Is there such a thing as pain free circumcision for babies?

Is there a pain free circumcision for babies? This is a topic that comes up a lot, however, we hate to break the bad news to you that in reality, there is no such thing as a pain free circumcision for babies. If you chose the Pollock Technique™ for circumcision you will be choosing a procedure that is known for a virtually painless procedure and fast recovery time, meaning you’ll be as ‘pain free’ as possible if you follow the post-care recommendations.

What happens if the circumcision procedure does hurt?

If the circumcision procedure appears to hurt your son or if you don’t feel that he has had a sufficient amount of anaesthetic please inform the Doctor straight away. There are various factors considered in dosage and some people may have different pain thresholds or require different doses due to personal circumstances. Always consult your doctor before the procedure and explain any concerns, prior medical conditions, health issues or mental health concerns as these and many other reasons could be a factor in your feeling pain during the circumcision procedure.

Does circumcision hurt babies?

Does circumcision hurt babies? As mentioned above, the circumcision method we use is known to be virtually painless. Like any medical procedure, there is always a small chance that different people react to a procedure in a different way, however, you should be confident knowing that Gentle Procedures Clinics worldwide have carried out thousands of circumcision procedures on babies over the years.

For babies, we instruct parents to apply numbing cream and Paracetamol before leaving home (specific instructions will be provided as the number of factors will determine what can be given). At the appointment, a local anaesthetic will be administered before the circumcision procedure but in some cases, they may cry and others may simply sleep through the procedure. Babies will fast before their procedure and this can cause them to be a bit more grizzly than normal! His clothes will be removed for the procedure and as most parents know babies hate their clothes being removed! Although babies are not the most predictable, we do recommend circumcision being carried out in the first few weeks after birth where possible.

What to do if your baby seems distressed or in pain during the circumcision procedure?

It’s good to be aware that babies do pick up on anxiety and stress so it’s a good idea to prepare yourself as much as your baby for the procedure. No one wants to see their new baby in pain, and this can mean parents become anxious and stressed at the time of the procedure. If for any reason you feel frustrated or anxious about the procedure, you should try your best to stay calm and talk to our team who will do their very best to explain every step of the procedure. It’s perfectly normal for babies to cry and like adults, sometimes situations can seem worse than they are at the time.

Can parents be in the room during the baby’s circumcision procedure?
Yes, Yes, Yes you can!

Our clinic is one of the only clinics in Queensland that encourage parents to be in the same room during the baby’s circumcision procedure. For the same reasons mentioned above, we feel that parents are the best people to keep their babies comfortable and calm during the procedure. We don’t want to see your bundle of joy stressed in any way, so we recommend parents stay throughout the procedure. If you don’t feel comfortable being in the room for any reason, you can always discuss this with your doctor or the nurse before the procedure. Whatever you decide, we’ll do our best to make you and your baby feel at ease.

How long do babies hurt after circumcision?

Circumcision for babies may hurt slightly or be uncomfortable for two to three days after the procedure. We find most parents report that roughly the same time the following day they are back to their happy little selves. If you believe he is uncomfortable please let us know straight away as this can be managed by following our post circumcision care instructions.

After the circumcision procedure, your baby may feel some discomfort and mild/irritable pain. Other causes of discomfort may include bleeding or a concealed penis. We have prepared a detailed guide for circumcision aftercare for infants that provides information for the healing process.

Did you just say the treating doctor’s personal mobile number is given for post-operative care?
A B S O L U T E L Y!

You will have direct access to Dr. Hunt on his personal mobile which many parents find extremely helpful as he’s contactable day and night, should you be worried or have any concerns that you feel need attention.

If you have any more questions regarding circumcision procedures, please contact our team at Gentle Procedures Clinics Queensland or feel free to book a consultation with Dr. David Hunt the Gentle Procedures Clinic Queensland doctor.

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