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One visit for a consultation and procedure, this is the preferred option for most families. We offer payment plans for those needing some financial assistance.

Circumcision performed using the Pollock Technique™ & the Staple Technique for Infants, Older Boys and Men of all Ages World-Class Expertise. Local Care.

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Gentle Procedures Clinic Queensland offer circumcision for all ages using The Pollock Technique™ & The Staple Technique. Appointments are generally available with short waiting periods and are performed in just a few minutes at our Spring Hill, Brisbane, Underwood & Toowoomba clinics.



Our focus on circumcision in a dedicated clinic setting permits us to deliver a comfortable, safe, and convenient circumcision experience for your son or for yourself in the case of an adult circumcision.



Gentle Procedures Clinic specialises in a virtually painless circumcision procedure for baby boys, older boys, teens and adults. Our patients come from across Queensland because our circumcision procedure is felt by many to be the best option for getting a circumcision done at any age.



Our team of dedicated medical professionals understand the concerns of parents for their babies, as well as the situation of newborns being integrated into family life.


Experienced in Circumcision, Vasectomy & Frenulectomy

Dr. David Hunt is a well known and respected physician. He has a personal mission statement to achieve professional excellence in leadership and healthcare delivery with the utmost in compassion and integrity.


Dr Hunt studied medicine at The University of Queensland and graduated in 1986. He completed residencies at the Royal Brisbane & QEII Hospitals. After extensive research on circumcision methods in use today in Australia and around the world, Dr. Hunt chose to have extensive training with Dr. Neil Pollock, one of the world’s foremost authorities on circumcision.


He performs circumcision procedures at the Gentle Procedures Clinics as his primary medical practice.

The Pollock Technique ™ All Age Circumcision

  • Dr Neil Pollock’s research into developing a safe, quick and virtually pain free approach to circumcision has been widely recognised in Australia, as well as in North America and around the world.
  • Dr. Hunt is proud to deliver circumcision to all ages using The Pollock Technique to Queensland patients and families.
  • For children, we encourage parents to remain with their child for the entire process including when the procedure is being performed, we find this is very reassuring for parents. 
  • Parents are relieved to have a painless option for the circumcision of their baby boy, older boys and adults. 

The Staple Technique All Age Circumcision

  • Dr David Hunt’s research into developing a safe, pain free approach led him to the additional technique using s Staple. This technique is very useful for patient’s with Phimosis, Balantis, Older men, and me with certain medidcal conditions and medications.
  • Adult men are also an important patient group at our circumcision clinic because there are few facilities with the level of focus, expertise, and experience that Gentle Procedures Clinic brings to adult circumcision in Queensland.
  • Our in-office procedure is performed using local anaesthetic and offers excellent cosmetic results.
  • Dr Hunt and our staff are happy to assist you with any question or concern you may have, and are available by phone, email or booking an appointment.
  • We generally have appointments available within a few days and you can book an appointment now. 


Gentle Procedures Clinic is a highly regarded circumcision clinic in Queensland. Our clinics are often recommended by family physicians because of the speedy and relatively painless nature of our procedures. Our Doctors and staff are renowned for their caring approach and our focus on quality service. Dr David Hunt uses a number of circumcision methods which are extremely quick, only taking approximately 5 to 10 minutes to perform. We use comprehensive pain methods including Panadol, sugar balls, numbing cream, some forms of sedation  and local anaesthetic. (weight and age restrictions apply)

  • Our methods have low complication rates.
  • We do not charge hospital administration fees.

Contact us today for more information regarding circumcision or to book your appointment now.

An infant circumcision is often undertaken for cultural, religious or medical reasons.

Our Muslim families circumcise their sons in accordance with their traditions, and many other families simply choose to carry on a family tradition or seek the health benefits that may come from circumcision, some of the benefits include:

  • It reduces the risk of urinary tract infection.
  • It reduces the risk of penile infection also called Balanoposthitis, potentially preventing a painful problem and its treatment.
  • It eliminates the need for circumcision later in life when up to 6% of boys will require a circumcision because of various medical problems.
  • It reduces the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases including Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and AIDS (HIV).
  • It reduces the risk of penile cancer and cervical cancer in women.
  • Circumcised men have less risk of sexual dysfunction later in life.

They may be concerned that they could be doing a procedure on an otherwise healthy baby that may cause pain or complications.

They wonder whether their child will wish that he had not been circumcised at a later time.

Some parents can be less interested in following cultural and religious traditions.

They are unsure of the medical reasons in favor of a circumcision.

There are reasons not to circumcise, as there are reasons to do so. Dr Hunt’s opinion is that the decision is a personal one that you will make within your family. Please read the information on this site, and others, and contact us anytime with questions. Thanks. 

Circumcision Consideration

  • It is Dr Hunt’s position that when parents are making a decision about circumcision they should be advised of the present state of medical knowledge about its benefits and harms.
  • The parental decision may ultimately be based on personal, religious or cultural factors. 
  • You will make a well informed decision for your son.
  • Newborn circumcision, when performed properly, is quick and safe. The medical benefits accrue from infancy through to old age.
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