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Understanding Teen Circumcision

Procedure, benefits, and considerations for a teen requiring a Circumcision

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Dedicated Queensland Circumcision Clinic for Adolescent Teenagers

We are often asked about the best age for a boy’s circumcision, and if at a certain point a child becomes too old to get circumcised. The answer to the question is that circumcision is available for boys and men of all ages, from infant to teenagers, to adults, and our doctor always performs the operation with all possible care taken.

The Pollock Technique – Virtually painless circumcision procedures for teenagers

If you have a newborn boy and plan to have him circumcised we encourage you to book an appointment as soon as possible, as it is better to have the circumcision earlier in your child’s life. If, however, your son is no longer a boy or teenager, a virtually painless circumcision can still be performed with the Pollock Technique™ at our Spring Hill, Brisbane, Underwood and Toowoomba clinics serving all Queensland.

There are no age restrictions for circumcision

There are no age restrictions for circumcision. Our patients include a wide range of ages from infants to seniors, and Gentle Procedures is the only dedicated circumcision clinic in QLD offering circumcision for boys and teens as a routine procedure with the Pollock Technique™. For this reason, many of our patients come from across Queensland and beyond to our Brisbane area clinics. Just let us know if you are travelling overnight for the surgery, and we can recommend local accommodation for you and your boy as needed. 

Getting Circumcised as a Teenager​

Teenage and pre-adolescent circumcision is sometimes prescribed as a treatment for phimosis and certain other conditions that may become problematic as the boy matures. In these cases, the age of the boy is not material, as the need to resolve a medical issue is what drives the circumcision decision. Pollock Technique™ circumcision is a good option when it has been determined that circumcision is the best treatment for a boy’s phimosis. Whatever your reasons for contacting our clinic, our professional medical team is ready to assist you in achieving your personal objectives and resolving medical issues through circumcision safely and as comfortably as possible. 

Getting Circumcised Before Adolescence – Circumcision for Children

Circumcision is also routinely done for older boys at Gentle Procedures Clinics. No medical referral is required. Your primary care doctor may refer you to our clinic for circumcision for your boy but your doctor does not need to make a referral for you. You can call us directly at 07 2103 2322 or use the Appointment Request form.


There are some potential benefits from getting circumcised as a child or teenager, many of which are similar to those gained from infant circumcision. 


Circumcision for teens and younger boys is a routine procedure at Gentle Procedures Clinics in Spring Hill, Brisbane, Underwood and Toowoomba. We appreciate that it can lead to anxiety and concerns for boys and parents so our procedures include communication among the parents, patients, and our medical team before and after the operation. The overview below provides some detail and your doctor will answer your specific questions as well. 

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