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Dorsal Slit with Gentle Procedures

A Dorsal Slit Procedure is a safe alternative for men unsuitable for traditional circumcision due to age or medical conditions.

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What is Dorsal Slit?

A Dorsal Slit procedure is an operation which involves making an incision at the top of the foreskin to relieve tightness preventing retraction. It is performed to relieve strangulation of the glans by a Paraphimosis or to visualise the Urethral Meatus in patients with phimosis. Glans and urethra complications are very low as the glans penis can be easily seen during the procedure with Dorsal Slit method. A Dorsal Slit is rarely recommended because the cosmetic result are unsatisfactory.

Why would a Dorsal Slit be performed?

Many men need surgery to their foreskin for medical conditions such as ongoing infection under the foreskin, urinary tract infection and phimosis that occludes the opening blocking urination. Unfortunately, some men are not suitable for circumcision due to age, body shape and other medical conditions. 

How is a Dorsal Slit performed?

A dorsal slit or a cut at the top of the foreskin can often open the foreskin up, while not removing it and is an option for those not suitable for circumcision. 

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