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The public is entitled to accurate and honest information about healthcare services.

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Due to these regulations, we advise all our patients to carry out detailed research on the procedure and contact our team to discuss your specific requirements and circumstances for the procedure you wish to book.

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The Pollock technique circumcision reviews

You can find reviews of the The Pollock technique circumcision reviews online via Google My Business although we are unable to verify their authenticity or details of the medical procedure. Reviews posted by members of the public should be used cautiously as each medical procedure is unique to the patient due to their own personal circumstances.

Making an informed decision about a medical procedure

The best way to decide if the medical service provider is the one well matched to you is by talking with our team of trained medical professionals and carefully doing your own research.

You can also book a consultation with the Doctor before you book the appointment to ensure that you are 100% happy with them before you have the procedure. We don’t just recommend this for our practice but for any medical procedure you might be planning to have.

Book a private consultation at Gentle Procedures Clinics Queensland

For remote cases you can request a phone consultation with the doctor, due to the nature of the area of the body where you may wish to proceed with a circumcision we do recommend a face to face appointment. You may also like to book your consultation and procedure on the same day for a faster option.

Book a circumcision consultation
Book a vasectomy consultation
Book a general consultation with Dr. Hunt

Dr. Hunt offers a consultation for all procedures carried out at Gentle Procedures Clinic Queensland. The cost for an initial phone or face to face consultation is $75 which is payable once the consultation has been booked.

Need more information on the Pollock Technique?

If you would like more information about The Pollock technique or about Gentle Procedures Clinic Queensland, you can read our online guides or call us 07 2103 2322 or use the chat window in the bottom right corner to send any questions you may have.