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Gentle Procedures Clinic Bowen Hills has been dedicating services to vasectomy and circumcision in Brisbane, Queensland, for many years. We provide virtually painless procedures and easy aftercare to minimise discomfort for patients. Our services are available for all ages. Our highly professional team aims to ensure that each of our patients has a calm and pleasant experience. 


Our circumcision procedure is available for all ages – we help babies, teenagers, and adults.

Our number one priority is to ensure that every patient is stress-free while the circumcision is performed. For babies and children, parents are able to stay with their children while the procedure occurs. If you’re an adult looking for a circumcision clinic for yourself, we are the perfect place. We are well aware that not many facilities in Brisbane offer adult circumcision, and we a proud to bring that opportunity to Bowen Hills with the expertise of our in-house doctor, Dr Hunt. We encourage our adult patients to have a support person with them during the process too. We offer consults and can even perform the procedure on the same day. 

The Pollock Technique

Here at the Gentle Procedure Clinic Bowen Hills, we use the Pollock Technique, which is the circumcision method using a Mogen clamp under a long-acting local anaesthetic. Our doctor, Dr Hunt underwent extensive training with Dr Neil Pollock that founded the technique, so you know you are getting the very best expertise. With the help of numbing cream and local anaesthetic, both the procedure and recovery are proven to be fast and safe. The technique is ten times faster than traditional methods in fact. 

Benefits of Circumcision

Getting circumcised will lessen the risk the sexually transmitted diseases in men. Circumcised men can also be more immune to penile cancer and have a lower risk of transmitting cervical cancer to a female partner. 

Circumcision is usually avoided because of the stress and the hassle of aftercare. With the Pollock technique, surgery will take about 3 minutes after the patient receives a local anaesthetic. Swelling will last for about two days and can be relieved by over-the-counter painkillers. We will also provide you with Dr Hunt’s 24-hour contact details, which you can use to raise any concerns at any time of the day and night after the procedure. 


Vasectomies are one of the most effective forms of birth control for men and here at Gentle Procedures Clinic Bowen Hills, we offer a quick, no needle, no-scalpel vasectomy, with no artificial clips. You won’t need any stitches when you get a no-scalpel vasectomy, and the post-surgery recovery is much faster. 

Men who got a vasectomy in our clinic said they experienced minimal discomfort through the surgery as well as afterwards. 

You can make an appointment for both pre-surgical consultation and vasectomy procedures in one single visit. 

How Does No-Scalpel Vasectomy Differ from Other Vasectomies?

The no-scalpel vasectomy technique our clinic uses requires just a single puncture that will not need any stitches to close. The recovery time will be faster, and you’ll experience minimum discomfort in aftercare. The procedure will also be very quick and is safer, with a smaller chance of bleeding and infection. Other vasectomies involve multiple incisions and therefore are far more invasive than the method we use here at Bowen Hills. 

How to Make an Appointment

Please check our online booking page to make an appointment for our vasectomy or circumcision services. You can use the chat button on the bottom of the page to speak directly with us. We will help answer any questions you might have until you’re entirely sure of your decision. 

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