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Circumcisions and vasectomies are intensely intimate procedures. We pride ourselves on providing a comfortable and quick experience for all our patients. 

Parents may choose circumcision for their baby or child for many reasons, including religious beliefs, hygiene factors, and tradition. Choosing circumcision as an adult also has several health benefits.

Vasectomies are the most effective choice for men to help prevent pregnancy. But many men still worry about the surgical implications. Pain management and post-surgical recovery are factors that have a huge bearing on the decision to have a vasectomy. Here at the Gentle Procedures Clinic in Toowoomba, Queensland we perform no-scalpel vasectomies, with patient feedback being pain is minimal both during and after. 

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We provide circumcisions for all ages

Why should you choose the Gentle Procedures Clinic Toowoomba for your circumcision? 

  • We use the Pollock Technique, for a virtually-painless circumcision procedure
  • We encourage parents to stay with their children through the process, and adults to bring a support person
  • We are available 24/7 for any concerns or questions- we even give you the Doctors personal number!  

It is so important to us that adult men have the opportunity to be circumcised, as there are few facilities that have the experience or expertise that our clinics do. Adult circumcisions are chosen for various reasons, the most common being the health benefits, but also range from psychological to sexual performance. We can answer any questions, and perform the procedure in-office in Toowoomba, Queensland using local anesthetic, so there is no need to go to a hospital. We can even offer circumcision consults and procedures on the same day.

Convenient, time-saving, and affordable, the Pollock technique uses a Modgen clamp in the procedure, and research shows it results in a shorter procedure as well as less handling of the tissue, which leads to a faster recovery time

Parents can feel assured they are caring for their child as effectively as possible with the ability to be present during the entire procedure, and the 24-hour availability of the doctor post circumcision. Being able to contact the doctor directly at any time of day or night removes that extra level of stress, and it is this availability that makes the Gentle Procedures Clinic so popular. Clinic staff are available to assist parents with any concerns regarding recovering and care at any point during the process.   

No-scalpel Vasectomy!


What is the no-scalpel Vasectomy technique? It’s a game-changer in the field. 

  • Less Invasive
  • Practically painless
  • No-Scapel, one puncture
  • No artificial clip
  • Does not affect sexual performance
  • One of the most comfortable methods of vasectomy
  • We believe it is the best vasectomy experience for Brisbane men

This is a pioneering procedure that Gentle Procedures Toowoomba is proud to be a leader of in Australia. The no-scalpel vasectomy is convenient and fast, has no stitches or artificial clip, involves no incisions or cutting, and is minimally invasive. Men who choose the no-scalpel vasectomy are guaranteed a faster recovery time with minimal pain and discomfort.  

Men who have previously expressed concerns regarding the conventional vasectomy procedure were amazed at the no-scalpel method. It has a complication rate that is eight times lower than the conventional procedure, as well as less intra-operative discomfort. 

In the no-scalpel procedure, dissolving sutures are used when tying off the tubes, which is why the no-scalpel procedure leaves no metal clip or foreign bodies behind. The incision site does not need stitches and heals without a scar within days of the procedure.  

Men should also know that vasectomies do not affect their sexual performance. The sexual experience, erection, performance, and ejaculation will remain unchanged; the only changing factor is that the sperm should not impregnate their partner. 

Please note that while vasectomy reversal is possible, we warn that a reversal is not always an option for everyone as everybody is different. 

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