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Thinking about getting circumcised or having a vasectomy procedure done?

Here at the Gentle Procedures Clinic Underwood, our services cater to all ages. We believe in providing you with the highest quality care with compassion, respect, and affordability.

Circumcision is one of our expertise at our Gentle Procedures Clinic in Underwood. We use the Pollock Technique, which is widely known as one of the quickest and least painful approaches to circumcision. It can safely be used on babies, young boys, teens, and adults.

If you are looking at getting a vasectomy here in Brisbane, we use the no-scalpel method. Proven to be almost painless, effective, and have a short recovery time frame, we are proud that our vasectomies can be as comfortable and non-invasive as possible.

Circumcisions at the Gentle Procedures Clinic Underwood

Usually, circumcisions require hospital surgical units and can be performed using a wide scope of procedures. At the Gentle Procedures Clinic Underwood, we offer circumcisions for adults and children, in our in-office clinic. The circumcision is achieved on the day, and we provide the very best aftercare.

The Pollock Technique

The Pollock Technique that we use is a near painless method, with the main feature being a Mogen clamp with a long-acting local anesthetic during the procedure. This method is ten times faster than traditional approaches, and because of the simplicity of the techniques of the procedure, recovery is fast too.

Below are some of the benefits you can expect from Circumcisions:

Benefits of having the procedure at Gentle Procedures Clinic Underwood:

  • Use of the Pollock method
  • We never ask parents to leave their children at any point in the process
  • Consult and circumcision can happen on the same day
  • We provide contact details for round the clock, post-care support

Benefits of Circumcision:

  • Easy
  • Reduced HIV Infection and promotion of good hygiene
  • Prevention of general penile problems
  • Reduction of risk of penile cancer
  • Less risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections

Vasectomies at the Gentle Procedures Clinic Underwood

A vasectomy is one of the safest and most effective birth control measures for men. Our Underwood Clinic here in Brisbane uses the highly esteemed no-scalpel method.

The No-Scalpel Vasectomy Procedure:

The method we use is simple and less invasive than traditional methods that involve multiple incisions. Using one puncture, and dissolvable sutures, the no-scalpel vasectomy has a quick recovery time too. The procedure is considered safe and can be free of pain if coupled with good anesthesia when done at our Underwood Clinic. The procedure usually takes less than an hour and is quite affordable.

Benefits of Getting a Vasectomy

Some of the key benefits of having a vasectomy procedure are:

  • Very reliable in preventing unplanned pregnancies
  • Low health risks
  • Does not affect sexual performance
  • An economic birth control measure

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