At Gentle Procedures Clinic Queensland we use the Pollock Technique™ for circumcision procedures for babies, boys, and adult men. In this article we explain the Pollock method for circumcision and give insight as to why thousands of parents, teenagers and adults choose this method for their procedures.

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When a male infant is born, the foreskin naturally adheres to the penis shaft. In every circumcision procedure, the foreskin has to be freed from the shaft, so it can be retracted or extended at will. The circumcision method used by our practice is The Pollock Technique™.

What is the Pollock Technique?

Gentle Procedures Clinics Queensland have chosen an approach that we consider to be the most effective way of performing circumcision in terms of safety and speed – The Pollock Technique ™which uses a Mogen Clamp for all circumcisions.

The Pollock Clinic Reviews

The Pollock Clinic Reviews – What is an experience of Circumcision performed using the Pollock technique? To help you find out more about the Pollock Method, we have provided some of the key information that will help you make an informed decision about choosing Gentle Procedures Clinics Queensland for your procedure.

The Pollock Technique – Pain Control Methods

The Pollock Technique™ uses extensive pain control methods for infant circumcision; including Panadol (dependent on weight and age), sugar pacifiers (which have been shown to reduce pain perception), soothing music, numbing cream and a long-acting local anaesthetic. Unlike other methods we encourage the parents stay with their son and we find this is better for your baby and better for you.

Older boys and adult men also benefit from multiple local anaesthetics to ensure a virtually painless procedure. If the person having the procedure would like a support person with them to ease their mind, we are very happy for that to happen.

Adult Circumcision With Skin Glue Closure

For adults, the combination of our local anaesthetic, quick surgical technique, and use of skin glue allows us to provide a comfortable and convenient adult circumcision procedure in Queensland. This method has provided for improved cosmetic outcomes without the typical multiple suture track marks. We have found that many of our patients appreciate the simplicity of a consultation and procedure on the same day with meticulous aftercare provided by Dr David Hunt and his team.

Circumcision Using Mogen Clamp – How does it work?

The Pollock Technique ™ uses a clap called a Mogen clamp. After much research, we find this approach is less invasive, there’s less handling of the tissue. It’s also 10x faster than traditional circumcision. The shorter the duration of any surgical procedure, the easier it is on the patient.

For children of all ages we encourage the parents to apply a numbing cream at home, before the appointment. Leaving the numbing cream for a longer period long has better outcomes.

The numbing cream is applied over the head of the penis and at the base of the penis. The reason for the placement of the numbing cream is for when the needles are performed and for where the clamp goes on. The foreskin is extended over the head of the penis (no incision required) and captured in a slot on the Mogen clamp to cut off blood flow to the foreskin. The clamp stays in place for a specific period of time before the foreskin is surgically removed.

Circumcision With The Pollock Technique™

The use of numbing cream, Panadol and local anaesthetic allows for a quick recovery with most patients being comfortable after 2 to 3 days, most infants are back to their happy selves the following day.

The Pollock method is quick, and has proven safe over the past 30 years and over 60,000 procedures have been performed around the world.

Pollock Technique Circumcision Recovery Time

The recovery period varies from patient to patient and differs with the age of the person having the circumcision.

For circumcision procedures using The Pollock method after the surgery can vary from person to person, however in most cases healing will start within a few days and in most cases you or your son could expect to be fully healed within 6 weeks.

Pollock Technique Circumcision for adults

The Pollock Technique™ is chosen by thousands of adult men due to it being virtually painless and allowing a quick recovery when compared to other methods of circumcision. Most men find that they are able to return to work after a few days and will be fully healed within 6 weeks depending on your personal circumstances.

Pollock Technique Circumcision for teenage boys

Many teenage boys seek out circumcision for cosmetic concerns, as a cure for Phimosis or for other medical reasons. Like with adult circumcision, The Pollock Technique™ is chosen by thousands of teenager’s men because of the way the procedure is carried out and the fast recovery period. For teenage men this method of circumcision is popular as it allows them to book the procedure at the beginning of school holidays and they can be fully recovered by the time term school starts again, meaning they don’t miss out on activities such as sports.

Pollock Technique Circumcision for infants and boys under 12

When looking for the best facility for your son’s circumcision, please consider that the techniques for providing this surgery can vary from doctor to doctor. The Pollock Technique™ has been refined and standardised over 50,000 circumcision procedures across the world and in most states in Australia. Your son will benefit from the highest standard for care and safety available.

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