Lip Tie & Tongue Tie Release Costs

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Cost of tongue tie fix in BrisbaneA tongue tie or lip tie can impede an infant from breastfeeding comfortably and be an important source of stress for baby and mother.

A tongue tie or lip tie release procedure can quickly resolve the issue in some cases.

Importantly, many tongue ties or lip ties to not require intervention, and our recommendation is to pursue a corrective procedure only when doing so may help relieve a feeding problem or other issue.

Please contact us anytime with you questions or to schedule an appointment.

Tongue Tie Release Pricing

Lingual frenotomy at Gentle Procedures Clinic is $350 (or $265.90 net of expected Medicare rebate).

Please call us to book at any of our clinic locations. Appointments are generally available soon.

Lip Tie Release Pricing

Labial frenetotomy at Gentle Procedures Clinic is $350 (or $312.40 net of expected Medicare rebate).

Please call us to book an appointment at any of our clinics in Brisbane or Gold Coast. Our doctor is generally available on short notice.

Pricing for Tongue Tie & Lip Tie Release

If an infant requires both tongue tie and lip tie release both can be done in a single appointment.

When both lingual and labial frenotomy procedures are done together the cost is $550 (or $428.30 net of expected Medicare rebate).

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Experienced Brisbane Doctor for Infant Tongue-Tie Release

Dr David Hunt MBBS, FRACGP, M. Div. is a well known and respected Brisbane physician with a personal mission statement to achieve professional excellence in leadership and healthcare delivery with the utmost in compassion and integrity.

Dr Hunt studied medicine at The University of Queensland and graduated in 1986. He completed residencies at the Royal Brisbane & QEII Hospitals.

He performs lip-tie and tongue-tie release procedures as part of his primary medical practice at Gentle Procedures Clinic.

In addition to lingual and labial frenectomy procedures (lip and tongue tie release) Doctor Hunt also performs virtually painless Pollock Technique™ circumcision as well as no-scalpel vasectomy for men.

Booking an Appointment

The Gentle Procedures team is focused on compassionate care and quality service – and we provide rapid access to care – with or without a referral.

Many of our patients are referred to us by a lactation consultant or physician, but a referral is not necessary. You can call us directly with your questions, or to schedule an appointment at any of our clinic locations.

The first part of your appointment consists of an examination of your child. If diagnosed, the frenulum will be revised and treated in the same visit.

Immediately following the procedure, breastfeeding is recommended, and then you will be ready to go home once we review post-treatment care with you.

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