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No-scalpel, no-needle, no-artificial clip vasectomy for Queensland men. Less than 15 minutes using the latest technology with excellent pain management methods to deliver a painless vasectomy.

Vasectomies at Gentle Procedures are performed using the no-scalpel, no-needle & no artificial clip vasectomy | Experience minimal discomfort during the surgery & post operatively

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Gentle Procedures clinic Circumcision

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No-needle, No-scalpel Vasectomy Benefits vs. Conventional Vasectomy Methods​

  • No-needle  vasectomy is a simple in-office procedure that many studies show has significant advantages over conventional vasectomy.
  • No-scalpel vasectomy is comparatively faster, has a swifter recovery time, safer (one-eighth the rate of bleeding and infection) and can be pain-free when coupled with effective anaesthesia – as done at our Spring Hill, Brisbane, Underwood and Toowoomba locations.


  • Before a Vasectomy, you may not need any sedatives.
  • No-Scalpel Vasectomy is virtually painless.
  • If you have significant anxiety light sedation is available.
  • After a vasectomy you will likely be sore for a couple of days and should take a mild painkiller.
  • The discomfort is less with the no-scalpel technique because there is minimal injury to the tissues.

You can have sex after one week, but remember to use some other kind of birth control until your semen analysis confirms you are sterile, remember you do the test three months after a vasectomy. 

No! The only thing that will change is that you will not be able to make your partner pregnant. Your body will continue to produce the hormones that make you a man. You will have the same amount of semen. Vasectomy won’t change your voice, beard, your muscles, your sex drive, your erections, or your climaxes.

Some men say that without the worry of accidental pregnancy and the bother of other birth control methods, sex is more relaxed and enjoyable than before. 

You should not do any heavy physical labour for seven days after your vasectomy. If your job does not involve heavy lifting, you can go back sooner. Many men have their vasectomy on Friday, so they can take it easy over the weekend and go back to work on Monday. 

NSV is extremely effective! In fact, the success rate of vasectomy in our affiliated clinics has been better than 99.9%, which is amongst the highest in the world. Our vasectomy clinic offers the same procedure and potential success rate.

NO! after a vasectomy, there are always some active sperm in your system. It usually takes 2-3 months to clear them. You and your partner should use some other form of birth control until a semen test confirms that your semen is sperm free. You will be given semen test instructions after your vasectomy procedure. 

Most medical experts, including special panels convened by the National Institutes of Health and by the World Health Organisation, have concluded that vasectomy is a safe and simple procedure.

Vasectomy is surgery, and all surgery has some risks, such as bleeding and infection. 

The pricing for a vasectomy performed by Gentle Procedures Clinic varies at each location. You can claim a Medicare rebate for approximately $235. See our cost page for more information


Providing Vasectomy, Penile Frenulectomy, Dorsal Slit & Circumcision using the latest technology in state of the art rooms across multiple Queensland locations. Dr David Hunt offers patients techniques that are highly advanced, minimally invasive & have been performed on over 50,000 patients around the world. With his experience & background, Dr Hunt is convinced that the Pollock Technique™ circumcision with its four-step pain control protocol is the most effective and painless method available. 


He performs all circumcisions using a Staple Technique and The Pollock Technique™circumcision for infants, boys, teenagers, and adults. Dr Hunt is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and he has decades of experience as a medical practitioner. He provides the highest level of care while delivering surgical excellence exceeding patient expectations. He is supported by a dedicated and highly qualified team who ensure the utmost comfort, and superior care of the patient, in fully equipped procedure rooms at our Underwood, Spring Hill & Toowoomba clinics. 

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