Gentle Procedures have a circumcision clinic in Toowoomba offering circumcision procedures for babies, toddlers, teenagers and men of all ages.

Where can I get circumcised in Toowoomba

Gentle Procedures Clinic Queensland uses a procedure known as The Pollock Technique. This circumcision procedure offers a virtually pain-free procedure which is also known and highly regarded for quick healing.

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Gentle Procedures Circumcision Clinic in Toowoomba

How much does circumcision cost at our Toowoomba clinic?

The price for circumcision at Gentle Procedures Clinic Queensland will be determined primarily by the patient’s age.

Adult Circumcision Costs In Toowoomba

The standard charge for adult circumcision is $1550, however, in some cases, this may vary. To confirm the cost for adult circumcision procedures please contact us by phone at 1300 755 055. For adults, the portion of a circumcision cost that may be rebatable from Medicare or from any private insurance coverage will be based on your individual circumstances.

Infant & Child Circumcision Costs in Toowoomba

The cost of circumcising a baby up to six weeks of age is $520. If your son is over six weeks old please contact us by phone at 1300 755 055 or use the Cost Confirmation Form to get the circumcision cost that applies in your case. Fees increase proportionally as your son gets older.

Description Cost
Adult Circumcision $1550
Infant & Child Circumcision $520

How long does a circumcision procedure take?

The procedure itself usually takes about 20 minutes once the anaesthetic has kicked in. Generally, plan to be in our clinic for about 40-60 minutes.

How can I book a circumcision appointment in Toowoomba?

To book an appointment for circumcision at our Toowoomba clinic please fill in the Circumcision Appointment form or you can send us a message using the chat window or even call our clinics directly on 1300 755 055

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Where can I get circumcised in Toowoomba?

Gentle Procedures Circumcision Clinic Toowoomba

881-883 Ruthven Street,

Kearneys Spring,

QLD 4350